Protecting Schools across Central and Southern Illinois

Protect Your Educational Facility with an Electronic Architechs Fire Alarm System.

Fire Alarm System

Our Fire Alarm System protects students and staff from fire and notifies authorities.

  • Smoke Detectors
  • Heat Sensors
  • Manual Activated Pull Stations
  • Sprinkler Flow and Valve Tamper Switches
  • 24-Hour Central Station Monitoring
  • Outdoor and Indoor Alarm Horn and Strobes
  • Land line phone, Cell Radio, and/or Internet Signaling Options

Security Alarm System

Protect the schools valuable assets such computer rooms and student records as well as the facility from unauthorized intrusion.

Intrusion Protection
  • Door and Window Sensors
  • Glass Breakage Sensors
  • Motion Detectors
Emergency Response
  • Silent Hold Up Panic Button
  • Water Flooding Detectors
  • Temperature Sensors for Coolers, Freezers, or Boilers
  • 24-Hour Central Station Monitoring
  • Integrated Smart Phone Notification and Control of Alarm, Lights, Temperature, & Locks.
  • Outdoor and Indoor Alarm Sirens
  • Land line phone, Cell Radio, and/or Internet Signaling Options

Video Surveillance System

Whether it is student discipline, theft, illegal activity, or liability in injury incidents. Electronic Architechs can design a surveillance system for your school’s needs.

High Resolution Night vision Cameras
  • Infared Cameras view activity whether in day or night conditions
  • Use inside or outside the facility
Digital Video Recorder
  • Record Weeks of activity in Continuous, Alarm, or Motion Modes
  • Access Live or Recorded Video over the Internet on a Computer or a Smart Phone

Access Control Systems

Control the areas each employee has access to. With staff member’s access rights assigned company records, safety needs, or security issues can be controlled. We will design and install to serve your school’s priorities.

RF ID Cards
  • Each staff member can have his or her own card with access assigned personally
  • Use inside or outside the facility
Keypad Entry
  • Each staff member can have a code to access various areas
  • Use inside or outside the facility
  • Provides the rules of time and levels of access to users
  • Can be access for logs or modified with internet access

Enhance Video and Audio Teaching

Electronic Architechs can provide the expertise and the equipment to make your teaching more effective.

Audio/Video Class Rooms

Get your message across with Video and Sound with Complete Control.

Video and Audio
  • Dazzling video from the latest projectors
  • Top of the line audio receivers deliver the power and the pizzazz
Programmable Remote Control by Electronic Architechs
  • One remote to control all of your presentations.
  • One button to turn on the presentation, the sound, and dim the lights.

Gymnasium and Auditorium Sound and Public Address

Music & P/A Systems

Provide your gymnasion or auditorium with a sound system that delivers intelligible voice and crisp clear music for sports programs or theatrical performances.

System Design
  • We use the Top Lines of audio, including Crown and JBL.









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