Electronic Architechs Inc. has been serving Central and Southern Illinois residents and businesses for over 15 years.

With our customized approach, we have been able to satisfy our customers electronic systems needs.  Each installation is always unique and requires the Electronic Architechs’ touch, as well as careful equipment selection and professional installation.


     Your Security is Our Business.  Whether its your home, business, or other property, Electronic Architechswill design and install your system with the utmost concern of for your needs.  Our systems of burglar alarms, fire alarms, medical alerts, access control, and video surveillance have been installed in homes and businesses across Central and Southern Illinois and can provide you with security and safety for real peace of mind. 


   Video and sound systems for schools, churches, and business conference rooms are also part of our staple of services. Electronic Architechs have been designing and professional installing these systems for your communities over the last decade and  a half.  Our installations will provide you the ultimate in sight and sound experiences. 


    Call today 244-4050 or fill out the “Contact Form” for your free estimate and one of representatives will contact you promptly.


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